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Wellness Exam

Pet wellness services can help keep your cat or dog healthy and strong. As your pet’s Marana and Tucson veterinarian, we offer a range of wellness services to help your pet avoid serious illnesses and enjoy a better quality of life. We encourage all pet owners in the Marana and Tucson area to bring their pets in to the veterinarian for regular wellness exams.

Pet wellness exams are the backbone of your pet’s preventative care program. These exams can alert your veterinarian to the early development of a health condition or disease, enabling your pet to get the treatment he needs. Young pets and older pets are more susceptible to disease due to weaker immune systems. Your pet’s wellness exam can serve as an early warning system of a potential health problem before it has a chance to develop or spread. By scheduling an annual or semiannual wellness exam at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson, Arizona you can give your pet a healthier, happier outlook for the future.

Different Aspects of Pet Wellness

There are many different aspects of pet wellness in Marana and Tucson.

  • Pet Dental – Pets need regular dental care to avoid cavities and plaque buildup. We offer a range of pet dental services from dental exams to cleanings and tooth extractions. All pets need to have their teeth examined at least once annually, and most pets also need to have their teeth cleaned.
  • Vaccinations – Vaccinations help your pet avoid serious illnesses and deadly diseases. We administer all the core vaccinations and many non-core vaccinations to ensure that our pet patients have the protection they need from common conditions.
  • Wellness exams – During wellness exams, we’ll perform a full physical examination, take your pet’s weight, administer vaccinations and make recommendations for treatment if needed. Wellness exams help us catch diseases and physical problems in their early stages, so you can help keep your pet healthy.
  • Flea and Tick Prevention – Fleas and ticks can spread disease and decrease your pet’s quality of life. That’s why we offer a range of flea and tick preventatives for pets; preventatives can protect your pet from these diseases.
  • Spay and Neuter – You probably already know that spaying and neutering helps prevent pet pregnancies, which keeps unwanted pets off the streets of our community. But did you know that spaying and neutering your pet can help protect your pet from a variety of reproductive system problems, like cancer? Spaying and neutering can also help improve your pet’s behavior and can improve your relationship with your pet. Pets who are spayed or neutered often live longer and enjoy better quality of life.

Importance of Regular Veterinary Exam

During your pet’s regular veterinary exam we check for a range of conditions. Some of these conditions include flea and tick-related illnesses, chronic conditions and weight problems. Younger pets are vulnerable to weight problems and common illnesses, while older pets are at risk for chronic conditions and serious diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. We recommend bringing your pet in annually for a veterinary exam to ensure that your pet is not suffering from any of these problems.


Wellness Care Helps Pets From Birth Through the Senior Years

We recommend bringing your pet into the veterinarian for the first time at age 6 to 8 weeks. Pets may come to the vet several times in that first year, and then annually thereafter. When your pet is a senior, we may increase the visits to twice annually just to ensure that your pet is healthy.

What to Expect from a Wellness Exam

At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, your pet’s wellness exam will begin with a complete physical exam to verify the health of your pet. We’ll check your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, and ears, take his weight, check his vision and examine his skin and fur to see if he has parasites or skin irritations. We’ll examine your pet’s heart, lungs, and joints. We’ll review your pet’s medical history and take note of changes in his weight, eating habits and behavior. If your pet needs vaccinations, we’ll make sure he gets the vaccines he needs.

Benefits of a Wellness Exam

Regular exams give us an opportunity to catch health problems in their early stages. Early detection and treatment of health issues can save your pet pain and suffering. It also prevents diseases from spreading and permanently impairing your pet’s health. The sooner your pet is treated for a condition or illness, the sooner he can recover and return to his normal routine. You can also save money by not paying for long, expensive treatments.

Depending on the health of your pet, your Tucson veterinarian may recommend annual or semiannual wellness examinations. Senior pets are less resistant to diseases due to a weaker immune system and may need to be monitored more frequently.

Preventive Care

Wellness exams are an important part of your pet’s preventative care. Preventative vet care is the best way to keep your pet in good health through the years. A good preventative care program will include regular exams, vaccinations, dental exams and cleaning, parasite control and nutrition and behavioral counseling. At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, we care for every aspect of your pet’s health. Your pet’s health, welfare, and happiness are our primary concern when he is under our care.

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