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Urgent Care

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Our team of professionals here at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center understands the importance of helping pets stabilize quickly in times of trauma. This makes getting an accurate diagnosis and assessment right away essential, so pets can receive the immediate treatment they require. If you have any type of emergency with your beloved pet in Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, or the surrounding communities in Arizona, we hope you will make us your emergency veterinarian of choice.

We have a complete pet care center armed with everything we need to evaluate your pet’s condition, including state-of-the-art radiology equipment and a surgical center to handle severe situations expediently. Our Tucson, AZ, veterinarian encourages pet owners to stay calm and contact us here at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center online or call (520) 572-8300 to reach us about your pet’s emergency care needs.

Common Pet Emergencies Treated by Our Tucson Vet

Due to our unique and varied climate, our veterinarian in Tucson sees quite an array of common issues that lead pets into to trauma level situations. Some of the most frequent emergencies include the following.

Upset Stomach/Vomiting: Repeated vomiting, especially when accompanied by diarrhea, that doesn’t cease after 24 hours can be symptomatic of a serious condition such as poisoning or heatstroke. This is particularly dangerous if the animal is exhibiting signs of lethargy and loss of appetite.

Heatstroke: Those hot days can take a toll on our pets, and conditions such as heatstroke can come on quickly. If you see signs of excessive panting and salivation accompanied by weakness, lethargy, vomiting, or bright gums, contact our animal clinic in Tucson right away.

Trauma Injuries: Getting hit by a car, a serious fall, a hard hit, or unexpected wound requires immediate treatment, even if the animal seems fine at the time of the incident.

Poisoning or Questionable Ingestion: If you think your pet has eaten something harmful, they should be seen right away. While vomiting or signs of choking often present themselves, some pets may only drool profusely or have a darkening in the mouth as an indicator.

Collapse: If your pet collapses, there could be a number of serious, life threatening causes that require trauma level pet services right away. Collapses are often the result of respiratory or heart distress and could even be the result of internal bleeding or poisoning.

Snake or Animal Bites: Snakes such as rattlers are a very real part of our existence, especially for those who love to take advantage of Tucson’s abundance of outdoor beauty. Any signs of puncture wounds on the skin or signals of breathing troubles may indicate a poisonous bite of some kind.