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It is important for everyone to have a reliable place to take their pets when they need acute care. In some cases, these problems can be resolved using medication and a little bit of time. In other cases, some pets may require surgery which can be an overwhelming experience for some pet owners. Twin Peaks Veterinary Center is here for both you and your pet if surgery is needed.


Common Reasons for Surgery

There are a few common reasons why someone might be told that their pet is going to need surgery. At the Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, one of the common conditions we see is an injury. In some cases, the bone might be displaced from its normal anatomic location. In this situation, surgery will be needed to put it back together. In other cases, someone might have a pet that has ingested something that isn’t passing through the digestive tract. In this scenario, surgery will be needed to take it out. Finally, some pets have tumors that need to be removed using the experience of a trained surgeon. When it comes time for the operation, a few steps are going to unfold.


The Day of the Operation

On the day of the procedure, the pet is going to be wheeled back to the operating room. Then, anesthesia will be given to put the pet to sleep. This will keep the pet still while the surgeons do their job. It will also minimize any discomfort during the operation. Next, the operation will be carried out in a sterile manner. Once the procedure is done, the incision will be closed and the pet will be taken to the recovery area to wake up. In some cases, follow-up appointments will be needed to track the recovery process.


Rely on the Surgery Team from the Twin Peaks Veterinary Center

It is normal for someone to have questions when they are told that their pet is going to require surgery. It is also important for everyone to have these questions answered. Anyone who would like to learn more about pet surgery should contact the team at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center today. We have placed a lot of time and effort into helping our pets regardless of what the exact concern might be. Please call or book an appointment today.