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Your Pet Will Be Cleansed With Gentle Assistance

Our veterinary workers are trained to bathe pets with a gentle procedure so that they are not scared or uncomfortable. Many pet owners find that their dog or cat will become anxious when they are submerged in a bath full of water or squirted down with a hose with too much water pressure. At our facility, we use exactly the right temperature to help relax your pet as it comes into contact with water. Our workers will use gentle movements while speaking to your pet to keep them calm during the process. Your pet will be lathered with soap and then rinsed and dried.


Your Pet’s Nails Are Trimmed For Safety Reasons

Dogs and cats with long claws or nails often get caught in carpeting or other materials in the home. This could lead to the injury of a toe. Pets with long claws or nails also deal with discomfort when they walk around. You may notice your pet avoids walking too much if their nails or claws are curled and poking into the bottoms of their paws. Our veterinarian will use the appropriate tools to remove excess nail or claw from each of your pet’s appendages. They can also show you the procedure so that you can keep on top of nail or claw growth at home.


Your Pet’s Eyes, Ears, and Mouth Are Assessed and Cared For As Needed

Your pet’s ears will be inspected by our veterinarian to check for excessive wax or the presence of ear mites. If these parasites are noticed, medication is administered for their removal. Our vet will take a look at your pet’s eyes to check for infection, will remove any discharge from around them, and will conduct an eye exam to ensure your dog or cat can see without difficulty. Your pet’s teeth will be cleaned in our office to remove any tartar buildup. This reduces the chance of tooth loss.

Give Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ, a call to set up an appointment. Our veterinarian can be reached by calling our office at (520) 572-8300 if you have questions about our practice.