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Parasite Control with our Veterinarian in Tucson

At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, our veterinarian in Tucson is committed to providing your cat or dog with the health and wellness services needed throughout all stages of life. One of the more important preventative services we provide in our office is that of parasite control. We also offer diagnostic and treatment services for pets suffering from parasites, such as heartworm, giardia, fleas, ticks, and more.

Dog suffering from parasites, fleas, ticks

The Importance of Parasite Protection for Your Pet

If your pet isn't already on a flea, tick, and parasite preventative, now is the time to get this taken care of. Both indoor and outdoor pets can be prone to health problems associated with flea and tick bites, as well as common parasites such as giardia and heartworm. Giardia, for example, is a parasite that commonly affects dogs and cats, often causing intestinal distress and diarrhea. Heartworm is another very common pet parasite and literally causes worms to infest your pet's heart and other vital organs. If left untreated, heartworm can be fatal.

Having your pet on a flea, tick, and parasite prevention plan is hands-down the best way to reduce your pet's chances of becoming infected.

How a Vet Can Help Protect Your Dog or Cat

If you don't know where to begin when it comes to protecting your dog or cat from parasites, fleas, and ticks, our veterinarian can help. Allow us to make a recommendation for a parasite control and preventative plan. We offer a wide range of protection options based on your pet's needs and your lifestyle. For example, some pet owners prefer the convenience of giving their pets a monthly oral medication as a means of protecting against parasites, whereas others may be better served with a flea collar or topical application.

Furthermore, if your pet ever shows signs of a flea infestation or a tick problem, our veterinary team can help with both flea treatment and tick treatment in our office. We offer a wide range of treatment options to help eradicate the problem, as well as additional testing for parasites (fecal testing, blood testing, etc.)Should your pet need treatment for heartworm, giardia, or another parasite, we're here to assist you as well.

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