New Patient Center

We Are Your Veterinarian in Tucson

Our new patient center at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center will ensure that your first visit to our office is as seamless and stress-free as possible. You can depend on us for your pet’s wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, spaying and neutering services and a whole range of healthcare needs. Additional services we offer include dental cleaning and surgery, tick and flea testing and control, weight management consultation and the treatment of skin disorders.


Services Provided at Our Veterinary Center

You can also trust Twin Peaks for emergency and urgent care services for injuries and car accidents, poison or foreign object ingestion, breathing problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and other serious and life-threatening conditions.

When your dog or cat is ill, we have ultrasound and other state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to quickly and accurately get to the core of the problem. This enables us to sooner begin an appropriate course of treatment.

We’re also highly experienced in treating the ailments and conditions common to senior pets, including orthopedic issues, arthritis, and cancers.

Whatever you come to see us for, you’ll get exceptional service, high-quality care in a friendly and professional setting and a commitment to serving the best interests of both you and your loving animal.

Your Twin Peaks veterinarian will always have a soothing effect on your pet and a readiness to answer all of your questions and offer advice that might extend the life and boost the well-being of your dog or cat.

If your pet’s needs are beyond the scope of our medical expertise, your Twin Peaks veterinarian will recommend a specialist and monitor the course of treatment.

What To Expect 

When you schedule your pet’s first appointment at Twin Peaks, we’ll start with a thorough physical exam and dental checkup. Don’t worry. We’re experienced at dealing with even the jumpiest pets and know how to keep them as calm and free of stress as possible.

We’re open seven days a week, and with extended hours during the workweek to accommodate your busy schedules. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). For larger and unanticipated expenses on more involved procedures, we invite you to apply for the CareCredit program, in which the cost can be split into six monthly payments.

To make an appointment, call us at (520) 572-8300. Or, for your ultimate ease and convenience, simply fill out our brief online appointment request form here. New client registration forms and discharge forms for various medical procedures are made available on our online forms page.

You’ll find us at 7555 West Twin Peaks Road in Tucson -- and always eager to see new patients and their human families.

Sign-up using the form or call us at (520) 572-8300 to make an appointment