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How Often Should A Dog Have A Wellness Exam

How Often Does Your Dog Need a Wellness Exam?

Dogs bring so much light, love, and laughter to their families. They deserve the very best care so they can stay healthy and strong. Twin Peaks Veterinary Center is the leading veterinary clinic for pet wellness exams in Tucson, AZ. But how often do dogs need to see their local vet for pet wellness checkups? Well, the answer depends on the dog's age and overall health. 

Veterinary Care Visits for Puppies in Tucson 

Puppies are super cute and active as they keep growing and developing. When dogs are little, they should have monthly wellness exams just to make sure they are staying healthy and on track for proper development. Plus, this is a great opportunity for a weigh-in and to see how much the puppy has grown in such a short time. Puppy vaccinations are also crucial in setting your dog up for a bright future.

Pet Wellness Exams for Healthy Adult Dogs

Once dogs reach adulthood, yearly pet wellness exams should be sufficient, so long as they remain in good health. If you think your pet is sick or you notice problems such as lack of appetite or irritated skin, you may want to bring your pet in sooner. Dogs often hide their symptoms well, so they must get checked out at least once per year just to be safe.

Semi-Annual Checkups for Senior Dogs

As dogs get older and enter their senior years, it's best to have a semi-annual schedule for pet wellness exams. There are naturally more health problems associated with aging dogs, and it's important to monitor their conditions to keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable even as they get older. Vets can offer suggestions on medication or therapies that may help dogs as their mobility and senses decline.

Pet Wellness Professionals in Tucson, AZ

One of our highly experienced veterinarians at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson will provide a comprehensive pet wellness exam to give you greater peace of mind that your furry friend is in good health. Call our trusted team today at (520) 572-8300 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. 

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