Arthritis In pets

Our Twin Peaks Veterinary Clinic in Tucson, AZ Discusses Arthritis In Pets

Arthritis in pets is a troublesome occurrence that requires intervention to minimize pain and discomfort in the animal. Bringing your dog or cat to Twin Peaks Veterinary in Tucson, AZ to see our veterinarian for an assessment is the first step in getting assistance to relieve your pet of the symptoms of arthritis. Here are some points to keep in mind if you are dealing with this situation with your own pet.

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Diagnosis And Signs Of Arthritis

A pet with a degenerative joint disease is diagnosed by a veterinarian with help from equipment to look at the musculature and bone structure for inflammation or shifting of joints. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, their behavior is likely to have changed from what it was in the past. Slowing down to walk up or down steps, sleeping more often to avoid walking around, and gaining weight because of lack of exercise are all signs of arthritis settling into the body. For a cat, failure to use the litter box because of the pain felt getting in and out of it is another sign to be aware of.

The Importance Of Treating Arthritis In Pets

Failing to treat a pet with arthritis is risky as they are more prone to injury because of their condition. If they limp or have trouble walking, there is the possibility of miscalculating distance or stepping on a leg with the wrong movement. This can then lead to sprains or broken bones. Treating an arthritis problem in a timely manner also helps to keep the condition from escalating in pain intensity. Medication is prescribed to help keep your pet comfortable if needed.

Why Arthritis Occurs And How To Get Help

Arthritis often occurs when a pet is overweight. This is because the excess weight places extra stress on the joints in the body. In time, this leads to arthritic pain. It is best to monitor your pet's weight to avoid this situation. Some larger dogs are genetically prone to arthritis during their older years. Make sure to feed your pet a balanced diet and speak to a veterinarian about dietary requirements to help avoid arthritis in the future.

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