Pet Illness & Emergencies

Pet Illness & Emergencies

Sometimes our pets feel a little under the weather.  It can be flu, virus, infection, or something more serious.  Typically, as pet owners, we start to notice the signs in our pet that something is a little off.  At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center we are here to help with any medical illnesses or pet emergencies.  Below, we will examine some of the most common reasons pets visit the vet and what symptoms to look out for.

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Common Reasons Why Pets Visit the Vet

The most common reason for dogs to visit the veterinarian's office is for skin allergies.  Different types of dermatitis are quite visible to the naked eye, presenting with visible hot spots or missing patches of fur.  For cats, tooth and dental concerns are the number one reason to prompt a visit to the veterinarian's office.  Other common reasons why pets might visit the vet include ear infections, upset stomachs, or intestinal distress.  Dogs are commonly seen for benign skin neoplasia and cats are commonly seen by a veterinarian for urinary tract diseases.  

Common Conditions

Sometimes a visit to the vet is prompted by an ongoing condition your cat or dog has. For cats, diabetes is incredibly common, especially as they start to age.  Cats can also be at risk for renal disease and kidney failure.  For dogs, a common condition that a veterinarian can help with is osteoarthritis.  As dogs age, their joints do not move as freely as they once did and movement can become difficult and painful.  Various cancers for both cats and dogs can be treated at the vet's office as well.

Symptoms to Look Out For

There are a few signs to look for that may indicate your pet is not feeling his or her best.  Vomiting and diarrhea are two common symptoms that your pet is ill.  If the vomiting and diarrhea continues for longer than 24 hours, it may be time to see the veterinarian.  Also, watch for any changes in eating behaviors.  Cats and dogs that are not eating, or eating a great deal of food without gaining weight, may be a sign of an underlying disease.  Further, your cat or dog's activity level is a great indication of his or her overall health.  If your normally active cat or dog is lethargic and sleeping more than usual, your pet may need a trip to see the veterinarian.  

Our team of veterinary professionals at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center cares about the health and happiness of your pet.  We are conveniently located at 7555 W Twin Peaks Rd., Tucson, AZ 85743.  Our veterinarians are well versed in emergency pet care and animal urgent care.  To learn more, or schedule an appointment call us today at (520) 572-8300.

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