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Rattlesnake and Colorado River Toad Alert

Twin Peaks offers Rattlesnake and Colorado River Toad Avoidance training with Animal Experts. This important training is normally held on the 1st Sunday of each month. The fee for the class is $95 per dog, per class and must be paid prior to the class date. Classes start at 8 am and clients must first […]

How hot is too hot?

How Hot Is Too Hot? summer is HERE with a vengeance. I know I tell everyone they should be walking their dogs because it is terrific exercise, but please pay attention to the heat coming off the pavement. Your dog is barefoot in this heat, remember. If you can’t hold the palm of your hand […]

It’s Parvo Season

It’s Parvo Season! Here is what you need to know. Some signs may include: vomiting, diarrhea (which can progress and become bloody), fevers may be present, dehydration, and lethargy. An exam and vaccinations cost less than the minimum end of treatment. Parvo is very contagious and can be passed along to other pets that are […]

Monsoon Microchipping

Twin Peaks Veterinary Center would like to take an opportunity to remind you about the importance of microchipping. When storms hit and your dog gets scared and jumps the fence, a microchip helps guarantee a happy reunion. If your pet is lost and is taken to the local shelter or veterinarian, your pet’s microchip will […]

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