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We Are Your Veterinarian in Tucson

Twin Peaks Veterinary Center serves the Tucson area with top veterinary services. We are currently accepting new patients so if you are searching for a veterinarian in Tucson to bring your dog or cat then you have arrived at the right place. Check out our new patient center to learn more about us, look into the online pet resource links that we back, and get ahead on your pet's paperwork before their appointment. 


Services Provided at Our Veterinary Center

We are a full-service veterinary center. This means we provide pet wellness exams, pet dentistry, microchipping, vaccinations, parasite control, dermatology, grooming treatments, emergency pet treatment including snake bite care, radiography, ultrasound, and even online pharmacy options. If your pet needs care in the area we offer our services at one convenient location and look forward to meeting your furry pals. 

We aid aging pets with arthritis assessment and care that may include laser treatments to reduce pain and increase mobility in your pet. We also have a comprehensive heartworm care plan to protect your pet from this common yet deadly parasite. 

What You Can Expect For Your Pet

When you visit us you can expect a friendly staff who enjoy their job and look forward to seeing your furry family member every single time you bring them in.  You can expect professionalism and expert veterinary care from experts in their field. When your pet comes in for their annual well-pet visit (check-up) you can expect a physical examination that goes from snout to tail and everything in between down to toes and teeth. Be sure to bring in any information about your pet's health that will help us diagnose and treat them effectively. 

If your pet has a problem or needs a procedure you can expect to have all of your questions answered and concerns addressed compassionately. We strive to provide the best in service and in expert pet care so you and your pet will be comfortable and your pet's health will be optimal throughout their lifetime. 

Contact Us Today!

Twin Peaks Veterinary Center serves the animals and their people in Tucson with premier veterinary care. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Also, check out our new patient portal where you can get much of the paperwork out of the way so you can focus on your pet during their visit with the vet. Call us at, (520) 572-8300.  

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