Curbside Service Available

Drop off Exam, Patient Pickup/Curbside Service

It is essential that anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, or shortness of breath), or who has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or who has traveled internationally in the last 14 days to please reschedule your appointment for a later date.

In order to prevent the spread of illness for our staff and clients we will be implementing a drop off, patient pickup and curbside service policy effective 3/13/2020.

  • When a client calls to schedule an appointment we will let clients know that we are taking important steps to tailor our protocols to keep clients and team members safe from illness.
  • If the client is having any symptoms of illness we will be offering a drop off appointment.
    • Appointment will be scheduled like normal in the schedule but the client will have the opportunity to have a history form emailed in advance and will be asked to call from the parking area to indicate they are here.
    • A technician will come to their car to collect the pet. Staff member will wear gloves and masks. Staff will remove client collars/leashes and replace with a double slip lead as per hospital walking policy.
    • Doctor will perform the physical examination in the treatment area and a staff member will return the pet to the car with detailed discharge instructions.
    • Payment will be keyed into the clover credit card system by staff member without taking card from client.
    • Invoice will be emailed to client after appointment.

Medication/ Food Curbside Service

When a client calls for a food or medication refill, if there are refills available, the client will be asked to pay immediately over the phone. Client will then be asked to call when they arrive at the hospital and a staff member will bring food and medications out to their car after verifying that payment has been collected for the item.

If doctor authorization is necessary for the refill, first follow standard protocol to get authorization and inform owner that we will call back when we have an approval. When the food or medication is ready, we will call the client and ask for payment over the phone. We will then have client call when they are in the parking lot for pickup. A staff member will bring the food or medication out to the car after verifying that payment has been collected for the item.  

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