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Twin Peaks Veterinary Offers Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Twin Peaks Veterinary Offers Rattlesnake Avoidance Training In Tucson

Snake Avoidance Training Season is upon us again in Arizona!

Call us today to schedule your Snake Avoidance Training! Twin Peaks Veterinary Center and our sister facility, Dove Mountain Veterinary, will again be offering snake avoidance training now through the end of the summer.

Initial classes cost $99. If you had a class last year and are looking to refresh your pet's memory, the cost is $59 for a recheck. Payments for these classes are collected in advance so we can maximize your time with the trainer and ask any questions that you may have. To schedule your class please call Twin Peaks Veterinary Center at (520) 413-9422.

Fun Facts :

1. The rattlesnakes used in the avoidance training are wild caught and muzzled for the class. The snakes are only used for 1-2 training classes and then released. This helps to ensure that the snakes are not desensitized or develop a different scent caused by being held in captivity.

2. There is one trainer and one handler present at all times during the training. Classes are scheduled for 15-minute one-on-one sessions so your dog has the full attention of the trainer. If you have multiple dogs you would like trained, only one can go out at a time. Your other dogs are more than welcome to stay in the clinic while you go through the class.

3. We use Arizona Animal Experts for our snake avoidance classes. You may contact them directly for more information at (520) 531-1020.

Schedule Your Snake Avoidance Class Today!

Snake Avoidance Training will be held every first Sunday of the month at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center. Dove Mountain Veterinary will hold classes the last Sunday of the month.

Thank you for sharing your furry family members with us. Twin Peaks Veterinary Center and Dove Mountain Veterinary want the absolute best for your pets. Our partnership with Animal Experts allows us to offer you training that keeps your dog safe through the summer.

Remember, *if your pet is bitten by a rattlesnake, it is a true emergency*. Call ahead to let us know and bring your pet immediately to the clinic. We do stock rattlesnake antivenin and will be ready to care for your pet at a moment's notice.

Thank you,

Dr. Neuman and the staff of Twin Peaks Veterinary Center

Sign-up using the form or call us at (520) 572-8300 to make an appointment