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Radiographs for Dogs

Radiographs for Dogs

There are several reasons why a veterinarian might take an X-ray for a dog. Another term for this valuable tool is a radiograph. At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ, we provide digital X-ray and dental radiograph services for your pets.

Reasons Why Your Dog May Need a Radiograph

These are some of the more common reasons for performing radiographs on dogs:

  • Diagnosis for fractures and broken bones
  • Diagnosis of arthritis
  • Checking the lungs for signs of pneumonia
  • The presence of foreign objects in the body
  • The state of the dog’s skeletal structure and composition
  • Viewing of large body cavities, growths, or other medical issues

How Radiographs Are Conducted

One of our veterinarians will take a picture of the distribution of a beam of x-rays as they pass through your dog. This is considered to be the most common form of imaging that is used by veterinary doctors. It is done relatively quickly and your pet will only be minimally exposed to the rays, which is a harmless amount. The x-ray operator will wear protective gear so that they do not risk accidental exposure.

The Benefits of Digital Technology for Your Pet’s Health 

There may be some drawbacks to X-rays and ultrasounds, but we have found that there are many more advantages with the use of this advanced technology. One of the top benefits is that we can store and share images with other experts so that we can offer a referral and second opinion for the pet owner. This is incredibly important as it allows us to do a better job at treating a wide variety of health conditions that affect pets.

X-Rays for Pets in Tucson, AZ

Twin Peaks Veterinary Center offers not only digital imaging but also a wide variety of diagnostic and preventative medical services. We welcome new patients from Tucson and the surrounding area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call us today at (520) 572-8300.

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