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How Do you Know if Your Dog Has a Parasite?

Does Your Dog Have A Parasite?

As a dog owner, you know that your dog’s curiosity can sometimes get them in trouble. Their curiosity can lead to them finding many things, but sometimes your dog can find something they weren’t supposed to, like a parasite. At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center, our team is committed to helping your pet with whatever illness or parasite they may catch. However, it’s important for you to stay informed about the kinds and signs of parasites to look out for in your pet.   


Roundworms are found in puppies most commonly and not as often in adult dogs. Puppies can inherit roundworms from their mother during the pregnancy phase or through breast-feeding. Symptoms will likely be stunted growth, bloated belly, diarrhea, and vomiting. Roundworms are long and skinny. Our team can very easily determine what is going on in a case like this.


Tapeworms are another very common parasite found in the intestines of dogs. These parasites can cause a change in appetite and complications diarrhea. Tapeworms are not life-threatening but should still be treated to ensure your pet is healthy.


Dogs can get hookworms by playing in or licking infected dirt. They can also get it through eating the feces of another animal that is infected. Hookworms tend to attach themselves to the intestines and suck the blood. The sucking of blood greatly harms puppies, resulting in stunted growth. Malnourishment and anemia also impact a puppy affected by hookworms. If you notice that your dog has sticky and dark diarrhea, that is a huge indication of hookworms.

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