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Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Groomer

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Groomer

Your dog is an important member of your family. Making sure that when your pet is groomed, it's done by the right groomer can make a huge difference in your pet's happiness. At Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson, we provide the best pet grooming services available.

1. Do Research and Ask Around

Talk to your veterinarian, neighbors, or kennel manager to see the best places to get your dog groomed. Some offices may have policies that they don’t refer clients to any groomers. You can ask more specific questions, such as if they have heard any complaints about his groomer or have treated problems from the groomer as part of your research.

2. Speak with the Groomers You Are Interested in

Setup a call with the groomer you are interested in to ask some questions. Ask about experience with your specific breed of dog and how long he or she has been grooming. Ask about memberships to certain groups, such as the National Dog Groomers of America Association.

3. Look Out for Certifications

You want to make sure that your groomer is licensed and certified, especially in tick and flea applications. Double check this so you can ensure your dog will be safe in his or her care.

4. Be Patient

Pet grooming runs on a tight schedule. It may not be possible for a certain groomer to see your pet right away, but ask for a call back to answer questions you have when there is more time to talk. You want to make sure you have a rapport with a potential groomer and that you get a good impression.

5. Trust Your Instincts

When you set up the first call with the groomer, you should be able to find many answers to your questions. Using a groomer for the first time can be scary so you want to make sure you do your research. If something seems off then be sure to trust your instincts and find a different groomer for your dog.

Trust the Professionals

Your vet in Tucson may be able to help with pet grooming. Contact us at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center for all of your pet's grooming needs.

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