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Pet Dermatology FAQs

Pet Dermatology FAQs

Dermatology issues can be extremely irritating for both you and your pet. At the first sign of pet dermatology problems, contact Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson to have your pet checked. These FAQs from Twin Peaks Veterinary Center explain more about pet dermatology issues and how your Tucson vet can help with treatment.

What causes rashes in dogs and cats? 

Pets can develop rashes for different reasons. Environmental allergies or flea bites can cause rashes on your pet’s skin. Your pet may also be suffering from a parasitic infection, skin infection, or hormonal imbalance. By bringing your pet in for an examination, your Tucson vet can determine the cause of his condition.

How do I know if my pet has allergies?

Pet allergy symptoms often show up as skin problems in your pet. Symptoms include rashes, dry skin, scabs, skin infections, swollen paws, fur loss, sneezing, and ear infections. These problems may cause your pet to scratch incessantly. If you notice these symptoms, bring your pet to our Tucson veterinarian for treatment.

How can I protect my kit or pup from pet dermatology issues?

By using natural grooming products on your pet and green cleaning products in your home, you can reduce allergic reactions on your pet’s skin. Parasite and flea protection can also minimize the risk of dermatology issues. Routine exams from our Tucson vet can help keep skin problems from escalating into major health issues.

What can veterinarians do to treat skin problems? 

We’ll thoroughly examine your pet to determine the cause of his skin irritation. If we suspect allergies, we’ll perform blood and skin tests to pinpoint the allergen that’s triggering his reactions so you can remove it from his environment to eliminate symptoms. For food allergies, we’ll recommend an elimination diet to detect the ingredients your pet is allergic to so you can avoid them. We may also recommend topical creams or other medications to treat skin issues.

See Our Tucson Veterinarian for Pet Dermatology Problems

If your pet is suffering from skin problems, contact Twin Peaks Veterinary Center in Tucson at 520-572-8300 today for diagnosis and treatment of his condition.

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